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The child is developed according to his age group: likes to communicate with adults and other children, he is emotional, active and curious; he imitates simple actions of adults, and understands the speech inquired to him. His fine and gross motor skills are well developed too: the child can walk, bend, turn over with one leg lifted, throw a ball, transfer toys from one hand to another, grasp objects( including using the pincer grasp), point to the objects he is interested in with his finger. The child starts eating tough food, can hold a bottle by himself, and shows his preferences to some kinds of food to the adults. So his eating habits are normal to his age group too. 10:20AM. The boy comes up to me and sees the sparkling watch on my wrist. First he touches it with his palm and then takes my hand and tries to take the watch into his mouth. His mother protests with the word “no” and the boy steps back. 11AM. The child takes two toys out of his pram: a plastic cube with little balls inside of it and little wooden pony. Then he starts banging them together. The sound is not so pleasant, but the child goes on doing that for about 5 minutes. 11:30AM. The boy tries to spit his banana on the ground, the mother says “no” with a strict tone of hers. The child gets disappointed at first and doesn’t want to eat the banana any more, but when his mother to takes it away he starts crying for her to give it back. 12AM. The boy is pushing his pram right towards my feet. I step aside, but the child continues following me. I step aside again, and the boy starts laughing. He is playing with me and the actions I am doing are absolutely what he wants. 12:30AM. The mother starts gathering all the toys and putting them into the pram. On seeing that the child comes up to the pram with his hands up for the mother to take him into it too. He understands that they are going

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