In Defense of Prejudice

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Critical Analysis – In Defense of Prejudice "In Defense of Prejudice" is an article by Jonathan Rauch that addresses issues of sexism, homophobia, Christian-bashing, and other forms of prejudice. His arguments and points draw the reader in and ultimately make them think and that I believe is the ultimate goal. His points on racism and homosexuality are the most strong and prominent. The dictionary defines prejudice as an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason. What stands out in that definition are the phrase “without knowledge, thought, or reason” this statement should say it all to the reader. People do not think things through and this is very evident in Rauch’s writing. He targets well-meaning, socially active citizens who are (he feels), making self-defeating errors that are undermining their good intentions and creating further injustice. He uses his vantage point as a Jewish homosexual to add credence and credibility to his views. His target audience may give consideration to his arguments precisely because he is a member of groups they would wish to protect. Prejudice today can be held in many forms, an unlikely example of this can be marriage and or divorce in our culture. Marriage in today’s society no longer means “Till death do us part.” Divorce today is an ever-present situation that seems to be growing day by day. The American culture has changed and with that its values. It is now a part of America’s day to day lifestyle. But it wasn’t always this way, for most of history divorce was a rare and unsightly occurrence. It was widely frowned upon by most people and basically wasn’t done. Up until the 1960’s divorce was heard of but far from being common, through the 1980’s divorce rates steadily climbed higher and higher until divorce was a common occurrence. People used to look down on people who did
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