Women's Brains Stephen Jay Gould Analysis

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Robert Prendergast Dr. Cherukuri Response Paper 1 9.20.11 This section of the reading dealt with how scientific research and science in general has shaped the way people in societies perceive women. Each reading brought another argument on the table, which had a direct correlation to science and women but were all viewed from different standpoints ranging from the connection between magic and science to scientific research about women’s brains. Throughout the readings my reoccurring thought was the interesting juxtaposition that played between the ignorance of western science when dealing with topics of scientific research on gender studies and the clout that western science still holds despite their biases and sheer favoritism to one sex. I found the reading on “Women’s Brains” by Stephen Jay Gould the most intriguing because it dealt with all the factors of scientific research on a specific gender, partiality to one sex, and ignorance boosted by falsified research in the past. I find this research to have many holes and extremely ignorant when considering the simple biological idea that since women have smaller brains than men…show more content…
The reading emphasizes the concern they have with people performing research on sexual orientation work while within homophobic frameworks, despite claiming they are indeed working in a non bias environment. An example of a person conducting such research as just mentioned is German obstetrician Gunter Dorner whom the authors believe holds too much a favoritism toward heterosexism when dealing with homosexuality. A quote the author’s pulled that suggests his standing on this topic states, “Dorner writes about homosexuality as a “dysfunction” or “disease” based on “abnormal brain

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