Voter Turn Out in Texas

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Over the past decades Texas has had one of the lowest voter turnouts. According to Maxwell the reasons for such low voter turnout is because of laws, socioeconomic characteristics, political structure, and political culture. At the turn of the 19th century voter turnout was one of the lowest due to many laws and regulations placed on citizens that denied many people to vote. Many people including women, African Americans, and many immigrants were not allowed to vote. Voting early in the 19th century was considered more of luxury and only very few would get the chance to vote. Texas was known as a state to enforce laws and regulations on voting the harshest so voter turnout was still one of the lowest. Today many laws were amended or changed and it is much easier to go out and vote. Voter turnout has been increasing over the years but in Texas it is still one of the lowest. I believe Texas is still the lowest because it used to be one the most restrictive states in the US in voting laws and I feel that many people in Texas have not accustomed fully to the new regulations that allow every citizen to vote and also considering it is one of the biggest states in the US. Another reason voter turnout is so low in Texas is because of socioeconomic factors. Factors include poverty and education. Texas has the highest poverty in the US and there is a trend that shows that people in poverty are less likely to vote. People with low income also tend to have lesser education because they have fewer opportunities and many students drop out of school because they need to go into the workforce to support their family. I personally have family that live in Texas and live in poverty. Most of them have never graduated from high school and each time an election is held they never go out and vote. They don’t understand why they need to vote so they just don’t bother. Social class
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