Andrew Sullivan's Essay 'For Gay Marriage'

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For Gay Marriage Andrew Sullivan’s article “For Gay Marriage” is an excerpted from Sullivan’s 1995 book, Virtually Normal: An Argument About Homosexuality, and reprinted by Behrens and Rosen (404 – 407). This paper provides a summary of Sullivan’s controversial article on this timely and long-fought civil rights issue. “For Gay Marriage” highlights the moral, philosophical and legal arguments surrounding the issue of denying marriage to homosexual and lesbian Americans. More importantly, it highlights the moral, philosophical and legal arguments in favor of gay marriage, which Sullivan clearly supports. Although Sullivan clearly supports gay marriage, his article is an insightful piece that provides a respectful look at various views of this philosophically and emotionally-charged subject, while providing a sound intellectual argument in favor of gay marriage. Sullivan delves into the topic of domestic partnerships. Which he admits are a significant step forward from having no recognition whatsoever. Domestic partnerships are now widely and legally recognized and are gaining social recognition as well. But domestic partnerships primary and major drawback is that the terminology and reality of a domestic partnership does not carry with it the same recognition and social acceptance and legal sanctions that the title of marriage carries.…show more content…
And these homosexual Americans need to be recognized equally under the laws of our land. As Americans, we are not asked to like each other. In fact, Sullivan agrees that bigoted have the right to their prejudices. We are not asked to hold hands or to sing “Kumbya” together. We are only asked and even expected to respect the rights of each other under our laws: blacks and whites, women and men, the disabled and the able, the unbigoted and the bigoted, homosexuals and

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