A Rhetorical Analysis On Gay Rights

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the writer Martina insets a picture . The picture shows gay couples and lesbian couples are holding hands together. The picture positions the reader design of brighten the part that gay couples facing of positions reader in the situation conveys. the author's believes ideas that people are equal. The picture also positions the reader to justice homosexuality rights and gen trigger reader's fell leave a sense of justice. The tone if her piece is straight forward, her ideas are not trying to be drilled into the readers head but more appealing to common sense and compassion. she use of rhetorical questions “If our society is about strong families, then why not give these gay families... always had? Should the children in these families suffer emotionally and also financially from this injustice?” makes the reader feel ashamed and reflection about family values. the writer refute Margret's opinion “children need a father and a mother and that anything else is not acceptable.” this can appeals to the reader’s sense of compassion which will make them stand by her said and support giving gay and lesbian couples the right to marry affords their children, both current and future, equal protection under the law.…show more content…
the right to marry."argues the fact that the Bible was wrong on these issues and now is a equality of all social. Equal rights as the writer's view. This leads to an attack on Margret pointing out if we applied this logic, we would still have slavery. She uses of the fact that attacks on Margret and her uses this fact to make the reader agree with her arguments. She appeals to the reader’s sense of fear. she makes the reader knows anyone who opposes gay marriage will surely end up on the wrong side of history, this is a bit threatening the reader to agree with her
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