Racial Discourse In America

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Essay on Racism in America by Ultius in Sample Work Racial discourse is a common and, quite possibly, inescapable aspect of the modern media. This essay, written for sample use by one of our top writers, examines the race-related challenges social workers face in the United States on a daily basis. If you would like to purchase a custom essay on a topic like this (or any other), feel free to either give us a call or simply visit our essay writing services page and place your order today. We are the trusted provider of content solutions for students and individuals worldwide! Racial Discourse in Common Media Images Issues of race will always have to be considered and can never be entirely satisfied, but that does not mean that people…show more content…
There is a great deal of academic discussion and analysis regarding racial discourse and one of the fundamental authorities on this subject is B. Harro. His commentary on the Cycles of Socialization and Liberation provide a solid basis from which to analyze images of racial discourse and their impact on the population. The basis of these cycles is the idea of social identity, “we are each born into a specific set of social identities, related to the categories of difference mentioned above, and these social identities predispose us to unequal roles in the dynamic system of oppression” (Harro, 2000, p. 45). By identifying with a certain social group, a person is going to drift toward the stereotypes portrayed for that social group. In this case, social identity contributes heavily to how a person of a particular race lives his or her life, “We get systematic training in ‘how to be’ each of our social identities throughout our lives” (Harro, 2000, p. 45). These images are exactly the kinds of systemic media that project a social identity onto a person, of any race, but negatively so in the case of people who are not…show more content…
As Dijk (2004) stated in his article on racial discourse, in reference to older and more extreme expressions of prejudice, “Since today just blatant forms of verbal discrimination are generally found to be ‘politically incorrect,’ much racist discourse directed at dominated ethnic group members tends to become more subtle and indirect” (p. 352). As has been suggested, images like these, both in bookstores and on the internet, do not overtly attack or esteem any particular race, but they indirectly indicate clear divisions of image. Dijk (2004) described this phenomenon as a specific strategy, “According to the overall strategy of positive Self-presentation and negative Other-presentation, neutral or positive topics about Us are preferred, whereas the negative ones are ignored or suppressed” (p. 353). This kind of social arrangement creates still more difficulties for social workers because it clearly aligns them against the people they are trying to

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