The important thing that change my life

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Teaching English at my home university was a turning point for me, it has changed several aspects of my life. It helped me find out what I have passion for and realize what to do after graduation. It also helped me make the decision to go to the United States. I found my long search passion when I was teaching English to my fellow schoolmates sophomore year. I had a lot of fun standing in front of the class, inspiring people and passing my knowledge and experience of learning English to those of whom were still struggling to find a way. I enjoyed the feeling when people looked up to me for answers or a solution. This makes me feel important, because they listened to every word I said then applied what I have taught them. That’s when I found my desire for teaching. However, after a while, I found myself having nothing to give. I had already taught them everything I know about learning a foreign language. I lost their interests. That’s when I realized teaching is not only about passing wisdom, it is also a skill, knowing how to teach will help students keep their interests in learning. Therefore, I decided to change my major from Ecology to TESL. Due to the major change, I decided to go to America for further study. The reason for me to come here is that America is an immigration country; therefore, it has a very advanced ESL program. Coming here to America is another big change in my life. At the very beginning, I had doubts about coming here on my own, because I felt lonely and was uncertain about how my life would turn out to be. The uncertainty really made me scared. After a month, things started to change, I’ve learned to do things independently and I’ve met many people from different countries, and it really adds diversity to my life which allows me to look at things in different ways. I believe if I hadn’t taught English when I had the chance to, I

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