My Perseverance At Argosy University

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Perseverance in my life Hello, school officials, teachers, classmates, ladies and gentleman at Argosy University. In the following months I have attendant Argosy University Online Program. I have had the ability to maintain a successful path towards my goal and it has given me the opportunity to apply for this scholarship. It is an honor for me to write this essay not only because of my academic standards that I have achieved at Argosy but perseverance has been a term that I have dealt with all my life. Perseverance to me is committing to strive for better despite the road, setbacks or shortcomings that are before me. Not allowing anything to undermine me as an individual or stop me from achieving what I am striving for. It can be…show more content…
He was what I called the perfect man and we had the perfect life. We then brought to earth a beautiful young boy. He was the most amazing gift of life. After seven years of marriage we decided to divorce. It was an experience that I did not know how to handle. For my son and I it was very difficult and life changing. After the divorce I decided to relocate with my mother. I knew that after all she was the only person that can help me gain that strength and will power I had before this experience. I knew that I had to make changes not only for me but, for my son. Throughout the pain and sorrows I applied for work day after day. Until one day I told a friend “I am going to become a flight attendant.” Her reply was “you are not experienced or knowledge to become a flight attendant.” I said to her “why not?” Is there any barriers holding me back?” At this point I was pushed to my limits from hearing her response of thinking I cannot accomplish this job role. So, I applied although I was frustrated that people undermine my ability to achieve this goal. I studied and studied until I achieved that goal and became a flight…show more content…
Well as mentioned before I was a single mother so traveling as a flight attendant often my son did not see me much. This was something I could not continue doing for the rest of my life so, I decided to make a career change and this is where I applied at Argosy. My son has always been my automatic push to better myself. I knew that at the beginning of changing careers it was going to be a hard one due to financial hardships. I would work fewer hours at a new job which means less money. I would have to dedicate and change my surroundings and the people that were holding me back from pursuing my goal. I knew that even if those obstacles would be challenging I would always go back and remember my mother’s words “Where there is a will there is a way.” This has pushed me through every obstacle and has helped me while here at Argosy

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