Change Wheel Reflection

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My Personal and Global Change Wheel On my personal change wheel, I stated half of the pie chart is about my parents getting a divorce and the other half is that my father never being there to guide me. I will elaborate more about those topics so you have a better understanding about my personal changes in life. I was born in Manila Philippines and moved to America when I was about 3 or 4 years old. Because of my father being an electrical engineer, he was always getting a new assignment or contract so we’d be moving from place to place. I’ve been through 23 states and lived in 11 of them. It was hard growing up. Trying to make friends but had to always leave them because of our next move. Eventually, I got to the point in my life where I just stop trying to make friends because I believed it was useless. What was the point if I’m never going to see them again? Since I stayed quiet and to myself, I was made fun of a lot because I didn’t talk to anyone. What was the point? Long story short we ended up in Roanoke, VA and my mom said she had enough of moving so we stayed while my father traveled from job to job. Since he was never home he was never there for my football games, basketball games and track meets. I’ve gotten involved with the wrong people and did a lot of wrongs things, stayed in trouble a lot. Then it happened, my parents are getting a divorce. In way I saw it coming since he was never home, always working and not being there for my mother and I. That changed my life a lot. Now I was in a situation where I had to focus on work to provide for my mother. Bills just kept building up and it got to the point where I was working too much, I was too tired to go to school. So I was kicked out because I missed too many days. I can go on and on about my life after that but that would end up being a book instead of a paper. In turn going through those hardships

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