Importance Of Celebration Essay

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There are many celebrations in countries in the world. Some of them are funny and interesting, some are traditional or religious. No matter what they are, celebrations play an importantrole in our lives. Without celebrations, we can’t enjoy this life fully. Celebrations make life more enjoyable and fun. For instance, in Vietnam we celebrate the Mid-autumn Festival on the 14th day of the 8th lunar month annually. In this time, children wear masks, have parties with special cakes and lots of fruits,...This celebration makes them very excited to wait for it. Or on Women Day, which falls on March 8th, people celebrate the equality between men and women. Family members and friends give flowers and gifts to women, who feel very happy about it. More and more celebrations that interest people all over the world such as Beer Festival, Tomato Festival, Halloween celebration....…show more content…
Especially in Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, you can give your parents gifts, flowers or greeting cards to express how you love them. In Teacher Day, Students show their love and respect to the teachers. Students give flowers and best wishes to their teachers. Celebrations also remind people of important days, or great time in the year. For example, every country has its own Independence Day, which is almost the greatest day in a year. This is the time for people to recall and be proud of their history. Another important celebration is New year’s day when people all over the world celebrate the first day of the new year. This day remind them that one year has passed and the new one is coming with brand-new things. Being held through the year, celebrations are part of our

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