Importance of Water Essay

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Intro to Wellness Water paper Water is the most important nutrient in our bodies because we are mainly made up of water. As infants we are 75 – 78% water, but this lowers to 50 – 65% as we become adults. Our skeletons are made up of hydrated compounds of water which is 30 – 40% of our body’s weight. It makes sense then that we need water every day. Eating healthy helps with replenishing the body with water. Some vegetables, like celery, primarily consist of water so by eating this vegetable you are supplying your body with water as well as the value of vitamins, etc. Exercise helps the body regulate weight, but along with the fat goes the water. Since we are mainly water, you must rehydrate your muscles properly and although our body’s feel both physically and mentally impaired after 1% dehydration, we feel thirsty after 2 – 3%. Because of this we must be prepared to drink a lot of water. Also drinking water can help keep the cramps down. Water is a role in weight management because it flushes impurities out your system. I actually have experienced losing weight from not drinking pop and only drinking juice and water. In a month, I lost almost 20 pounds, so I believe drinking water has a big role in weight management. It wasn’t just the drinking water that helped me, playing basketball was a big role in it as well. Staying active helps you stay fit, but you need to drink water to keep you hydrated so you don’t

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