Gatorade Persuasive Speech

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Proposition: Through the use of sports drinks, like Gatorade, athletes can enhance their athletic performance and recover faster and more thoroughly versus drinking water. Attention Getter: Gatorade commercial: Athletes around the world strive to be the best they can be. Many dream of continuing their sport into the collegiate level or even to the professional level. And currently, to achieve this athletes are pushed to be the fastest, the strongest, and the smartest players on the field. This puts a lot of pressure on the athlete and results in countless hours in the gym, the consumption of multiple protein supplements, and, for some, performance enhancing drugs. But is there one drink that can enhance…show more content…
The sodium in the drink helps maintain body fluids unlike other fluids such as water and caffeinated beverages that can promote water loss through increased urination. f. Provides carbohydrates to working muscles iv. Carbohydrates are in two forms: sucrose and glucose-fructose 1. Allows to work harder and longer and feel better g. Encourages you to drink more v. Sodium and glucose in Gatorade stimulate fluid consumption in the body which encourages your body to drink until it is rehydrated 3. When a sport drink is needed h. An individual will burn 200-500 calories during a standard workout that is 30 minutes long. However, Gatorade has about 150 calories in it so a more strenuous workout is needed for Gatorade to be beneficial i. For training over an hour at medium to high intensity, look for a drink that provides between 13-19 grams of carbohydrate per 8 oz serving, and at least 80-110 mg sodium 4. Water is insufficient j. Thirst mechanism in the brain is stimulated by the osmotic effects of electrolytes in body fluids and effective sports drinks will also contain the correct electrolyte to maintain the osmotic drive for

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