Water Hydrated Essay

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It is very important that a person stays hydrated because water makes up more than half of your body weight, and not staying hydrated can result in your body shutting down and possible death. Your body uses water in many ways, all the cells in your body need water to function. All of your body’s tissues need water, and all of your body’s organs need water to function correctly. Some of the ways that your body uses water are ; water is used to regulate your body’s temperature, you sweet to lower your temperature when your body is overheating. Water is also used to carry vitamins and minerals to our body’s cells. This is done through our blood. Our blood is ninety-two percent water. Water is also used to remover waste from out body cell produce waste must be removed from the body. This is done when we use the bathroom. Water also helps break down food in our stomachs. Without water it would be impossible for our body to break down the food that we eat and goes to our blood cells and that’s what gives us energy. There are also other reasons that our body needs water. Water also acts as a shock absorber for our eyes, brain and other vital organs. Some other…show more content…
The easiest way to treat dehydration is to simply drink lots of water, however this takes time and in extreme cases you would have to be treated with an IV. When being treated with an IV you receive fluids directly into your blood stream this allows your body to recover faster and more efficiently. You also need to keep your body from losing water during this rehabilitation process, which means you need to stop doing whatever activity caused you to become dehydrated in the first place while you receive treatment, usually in the shade if you are outside or in more severe cases a climate controlled environment like a

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