Importance of Technology

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Importance of Technology in Schools Education is the key to success but as the time goes by, technology is one of the part of the key to be successful in education and has become such an integral part of society. Today's technology can provide teachers and students with opportunities for teaching and learning that were impossible in the past. Although technology can harm the students in the schools, there should have better technology devices like computer laptops, smart boards, calculators etc. inside the school because it provides the students for a wider access of information, learn more about social media and to prepare students in the future. The first reason why there should have more technology in schools is because it provides the students for a wider access of information. “A vital skill in the new digital world is the ability to work collaboratively on projects with others who may not be physically close. This can best be done using modern computer tools such as the web, email, instant messaging and cell phone. Rather than laboring alone on homework, students can work in small groups wherever they happen to be and at any time. They are doing this already (it used to be called cheating) - it can now be formalized and taught as a vital skill. Many university projects are undertaken by teams spread around the world. Students need to be prepared for this” (Page). Computer laptop is a one piece of technology that helps the students in the classroom. With internet access, students can be exposed to a world of creative ideas outside of their bubble. They can learn another language, or teach themselves on how to do things that they don’t know without a teacher helping them. They have access to an endless array of options available, not just to help them learn, but to gain skills they might not otherwise have access to. Technology teaches students more about
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