Technology And How It Affects The World Today

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Rachel Frawley Technology is constantly improving, and a lot of times gets taken for granted. Many people today don’t realize how much technology they use on a daily basis. Every morning I wake up, take a shower, blow dry my hair, watch the news, check my email, toast a bagel, and drive to class. I could not imagine what I would do without these benefits. Not any of those things could be done without the use of technology. Technology has given society many different ways to save time. A good example of how technology is improving would be in the educational setting. Years ago teachers did not have nearly as much benefits of technology that we do today. It probably took them twice as long just to get things done. One of the biggest improvements in technology that helps the classroom would be the internet. Many times there is just not enough information from books and magazines, and students now can access all different kinds of information using the internet. Students can also create websites which will assist them and make the job of the teacher easier. This is fun for the students to do, and they can post short stories, poems, class homework, and many personally created activities. The internet can also give teachers a chance to post websites that will give students their grades, homework, study guides, and necessary information for the particular class. Smart boards are also very useful tools which give the teacher multiple ways to share their information. They are great for demonstrations, can accommodate different learning styles, and gives internet uses if computers are limited. Although the expand of technology in the past couple years is very beneficial and time saving, there are also some concerns I have about the growth. Many times when we have so much given to us, we become lazy, and not able to do things on our own. Years ago,
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