Explain Ways to Embed Elements of Functional Skills, in Your Specialist Area.

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unctional skills provide students with the essential knowledge, skills and understanding that will enable them to operate confidently, effectively and independently in life and at work. (Functional Skills Update 2, QCA, December 2005) It is important to embed functional skills into teaching to give your learners underpinning skills. By doing this within the main subject the learning process is made more interesting. Within the teaching of Information Technology, functional skills could be incorporated in activities using word processing packages, spreadsheets, databases, The Internet, electronic quizzes, computer games, video and other forms of multimedia. By designing activities based around computers and technology, Information Technology learners will feel more comfortable and confident completing tasks. An example of this could be setting an activity for the class to play a maths related online computer game and then to write an evaluation using a word processing package. The learners will be give a printed brief of their task showing the website address to access the game and the criteria to consider when writing their evaluation. Function skills are embedded in this session as the learner would have to be able to: • Listen and interpret the instructions of the task. • Read the website address to access the maths game. • Write the website address in the Internet browser with the correct spelling, punctuation and letter case. • Read and understand the criteria to consider when playing the game. • Play the maths game performing calculations to progress through the game. • Remember and formulate their thoughts about the game in terms of the criteria given. • Write an evaluation of the game using a word processing package. Many skills were required to successfully perform this one example of a task. This illustrates how a teacher can
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