Language Rich Environment

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Language Rich Environment Caitlin Hope Graham ECE 315: Language Development in Young Children Professor Laura Carlee August 25, 2014 Language Rich Environment Children learn language better when they can use their environment to promote their learning. “The key to creating and implementing language-rich classroom environment is infusing the classroom with rich adult-child interactions.” (Justice, 2004). In designing my classroom, I chose three ways to enrich their environment to help promote their language learning. By placing the children’s desks so that they can not only focus on me but also at what is either being taught in the front or the back of the classroom. Segregating an area of the classroom for constructive play with lots of access to books and paper enables the children to express themselves creatively, but allows them to give action to their creativity. Furthermore, by including another space for watching instructional videos for the class to use when working on projects allows for students to broaden their communication and supplementing their language skills. Each area of the classroom is specifically designed to enrich and incorporate language into every lesson. Through a lesson in vocabulary words I can move the children from each area to further emphasize the meaning of the words being taught. When first walking inside the classroom you see rows of desks facing each other and the teacher’s desk at the head of the classroom giving it a prime position to view all areas of the classroom. Thereby, not constricting the lesson to one central location. Placing the desks to face each other, gives the student’s ample room to view the back or front of the classroom allowing for the lessons being taught to range across the room. Walking further into the room you see one corner with bookshelves and an easel, designated the reading corner, which
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