On Line Assessment Techniques

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Online Assessment Techniques Marcel Robles and Sandy Braathen Abstract The online instructionaldelivery method should be used to facilitate teaching and promote learning. The obvious benefits of online courses may be convenience, flexibility,and "learning anytime, anywhere;" but teachers must ask if those benefits contribute to student learning outcomes. Online assessment must be used to measure both learning objectives and application of knowledge. The online educator should use assessment techniques to strategically reflect the pedagogy of online courses. Many current assessment techniques can be modified to use in online courses. There are also other skills, such as written communication, that may be enhanced due to the online deliveryof instruction. Introduction THE WORLD WIDE WEB has opened a whole new venue for teaching and learning. Online learning is here to stay! It is replacing many traditional classroom settings and is changing the ways in which we teach. Students will be able to learn what they want, when they want it, where they want to, how much they want, and, most importantly, will be able to assess what they have learned. The onus is now on the student. The student must be the active learner-self-disciplined, motivated, and learning through discovery. Although educators at all levels have embraced using online technology as a teaching tool, the issue of assessment of student learning in an online course has not been thoroughly addressed. Although online instruction may be more efficient, convenient, and flexible for both students and teachers, it must be stressed that this technology should be used to facilitate teaching and promote learning. As teachers, how do we know that we are fulfilling those requirements when we deliver instruction online? Online assessment! As teachers reflect upon instructional methodologies and
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