Compare And Contrast Essay

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Compare/Contrast Essay: Online Education and On – Ground Education Abstract Many people have asked the question about going to school online or going to a traditional college. They are not that different as far as what you would learn. You would learn the same material, it is just that online, you would be at home, and traditional you would sit in a classroom. It is flexible to go to school online, compared to sitting in a classroom at a specific time of day, every day. You would also learn to communicate very well with your fellow students and professors. The result, going to school online would be very beneficial for someone who is looking for flexibility, a good education, and would like to learn how to communicate well with their fellow students and professors. Compare/Contrast Essay: Online Education and On – Ground – Education If you are considering college, would you go to school online, or on – ground or traditional college? Many people are faced with this question every day. There are many reasons to choose online and many reasons to choose traditional. There are some similarities to both, but there are also some differences. First off, there are benefits for going to school online and getting a degree. For example, working full time, raising a family and having a home, can be difficult to commute to school every day. By going to school online, you do not need to go to classes every day, and instead, you can access your homework from the school’s website. This would be a benefit to the overworked college student because there would be no commute. For some online college courses, you are able to complete your homework any time during the day, and still meet the deadlines. Which allows for flexibility, and a traditional class would not allow for this to happen. Is an online education comparable to the education you would receive

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