Read Only Participants Case Study

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Read-Only Participants: A Case for Student Communication in Online Classes Article Summary Norma E. West Grand Canyon University: UNV 502 07/11/2012 Read-Only Participants Article Summary The online learning environment has been a very growing, popular trend throughout the years. Students from all ages, cultural backgrounds and demographics are now choosing to continue their education online. Since the online learning environment differs from a classroom environment, are the students really engaging and participating in all aspects of their education? How does communication and participation or lack thereof influence and affect the students learning environment and success? The online learning environment is so diverse, how does…show more content…
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In an online learning environment it is very easy to determine who the active, visible students are from the invisible. The invisible students are the students that do just the bare minimum to pass the class. They often show little to no involvement in the classroom and in discussion forums. They show lack of input in not bringing anything new to the discussions and in not challenging themselves or other students to become better and successful students. Lack of interactions and participation can greatly affect the environment of a classroom. Through the discussion forums active students are determined by how they participate and are interested in learning by listening to others’, making comments, giving suggestions, and providing feedback. Although instructors and students all recognize the importance of participation, many students still choose not to engage and participate. In an online community, the opportunity to have a lot of non-verbal communication can occur, so it is important for the instructor and students to create a supportive classroom environment. If the classroom environment provides support, the students in return are then more willing to engage and participate in

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