Integrating Instructional Technology

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Integrating Instructional Technology Integrating instructional technology into the classroom can enhance student’s education in both learning and communicating. My Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan will include details on how teachers can use technology as a learning tool. By modeling technology fluency I intend to use technology to widen educational opportunities, apply it to the curriculum and to increase collaboration and cooperation among my students. Integrating technology into the classroom will prepare students for global society and lifelong learning experiences. Expectations will be set when starting the course of this journey. As a teacher my passions and personal attitudes toward technology will determine my student’s outcome in reaching their goals. Students will be continuously engaged in a variety of educational and instructional technology activities and working together collaboratively. Integration of technology into the classroom will assist students in development of skills in art, science, reading, writing, math, etc. They will be able to view presentations, as well as present those of their own in verbal and non-verbal ways. They will explore use of a variety of digital media devices and technology equipment in acquiring these skills. Integrating technology into the curriculum Subject Areas: Integrate art into the classroom by developing projects and lessons with essential questions. Through use an over head LCD projector, computer and visual software called Inspiration teachers can brainstorm ideas to ask questions about artists. After asking questions, you can create a template using Inspiration brainstorming and students can follow along on the overhead projector. Once the introduction has been done a PowerPoint can be created and pictures can be inserted into the project. As students explore the artwork they can record the
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