How To Embed Functional Skills Into Your Specialist Subject

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Assignment 1.3 – Explain ways to embed elements of functional skills in your specialist area. The functional skills that I incorporate into my lessons are Numeracy, Literacy and Information and Communication Technology. I include these skills to allow the learners to progress in education, training and in future employment. As the courses I deliver are sport based I plan the literacy skills around the learners taking notes during the lesson, completing worksheets and writing sport session plans this enables the learners to practice their handwriting, spelling, grammar and presentation skills. Seeing as a number of our students prefer to use computers to produce work I take the opportunity to add in the ICT functional skill into the work and tasks they have to complete. It also gives the learners a chance to improve on their ICT skills in general. On occasions during the course I will ask the learners to do a number of research tasks which includes looking things up on the internet and pulling off the relevant information that is needed. Another way of including ICT skills into my lesson is presentations. For certain tasks I will ask the learners to produce a PowerPoint presentation. They must make it look professional and include all the important information for that task. It is more difficult to embed numeracy skills into sport courses apart from when it comes to splitting groups into teams; however when we worked with the older learners will include life skills such as Budgeting Your Money. This enables the learners to learn about the importance of saving and budgeting their

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