Lp1 Assignment: Communication Strategies Essay

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Learning Activities Page heading The following learning activities are designed to further develop your mastery of the learning objectives identified within this learning plan. Completing the following activities will further enrich your experience with the concepts and theories presented in this course. Start Course Content Learning Plan 1 _____1. Spend some time looking over your textbook and become familiar with the content. Reflect on your own communication skills as you explore the different topics in your textbook. Think about your abilities in the following areas: * General writing skills * Summarizing skills * Clearly explain a concept or process to another person * Being persuasive in presenting your ideas * Organizing thoughts/ideas * Being creative * Completing projects * Making decisions * Listening to others * Stating my own opinions without being close-minded * Taking charge or being a leader in a group Identify specific communication skills you want to improve on as you take this course. _____2. Read chapter 1, Communication Strategy, in your textbook. _____3. Return to part one in the Communication Strategy chapter, titled I. Communicator Strategy. After reviewing this section, complete the following activity. Case Study Scenario: The company you work for has just announced that it intends to sign on 20 new clients each month for the next six months. You are a manager in this company and need to communicate this change in a way so that employees will be aligned with the upcoming changes. Your employees include both men and women, ages 32 – 67 and include African-Americans, Caucasians and Native Americans. Create a communicator strategy, which includes general, action, and communication objectives. _____4. Graded Discussion 1: Introductions
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