Differentiated Instruction Essay

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Differentiated Instruction Shirley P. Davis AET/525 September 23, 2013 Dr. L.M. Portugal Differentiated Instruction Differentiated instruction is a method of teaching in which the instructor offers multiple approaches to meet the diverse needs of each learner in a classroom in order to unlock the highest potential of the individuals. Differentiated instruction helps instructors assure the success of diversified learners “by taking diverse student factors into account when planning and delivering instruction” (Willoughby, n.d.). The instructional module on “Mapping out Close Reading” originally addressed to language arts teachers, is differentiated to address a diverse audience with multiple backgrounds and learning levels. Two modifications have been made to accommodate diverse learners in each of the following areas: content, instructional strategies, the end product, and the environment. Differentiating Content The first modification to differentiate learning content is to have the articles available in a variety of media: an audio presentation, and a power point presentation in order to conveying key concepts to varied learners. Participants would be required to read, watch and/ or listen to the articles that a presented for demonstration. A few simple white board examples using a power point presentation of text and text-dependent questions will be presented during the class with the use of class participation to work through some real world examples. Teachers will develop text dependent questions to guide the students through the text in a small group setting. The facilitator will model how to develop text-dependent questions. Have participants turn and talk to team members to answer question: What attributes/elements of close reading were evident in this experience? Since analyzing instructional implications of close reading by recording three

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