Eed-465 Assignment 1

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Textbook Analysis Essay Teresa Blosser EED-465 8/21/2015 1 The table of contents at the beginning of the textbook allows the students to see what they are going to be learning about in each unit. There are two or three chapters in each unit. Each of the units has a theme of people or themes and for every chapter. Each unit has a section telling you what you can learn in this unit. assessments, online textbook quiz, critical thinking page for understanding the skills they learned, chapter review with questions to answer, and standardized test practice. First there is a section that familiarizes the student with what they will learn in this unit. The next section shows the vocabulary context and…show more content…
However, some lessons have a short story regarding a city or person that they need to read to focus on writing and creativity skills. Also at the end of the third lesson, there are activities to help the students learn how to work together to do activities in creating skits of the era for doing tasks, or creating new skills. When doing assessments it is very important that the students have a textbook to help 2 them study and do their best for the formal and authentic assessments. The lesson plan includes its goals, objectives, National Council for Social Studies Standards, and formal assessment that will be use that provides learning criteria and indicators through traditional or alternative assessment means (Kessler, & Judson,

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