Synthesis Essay: On Being Black And Middle Class

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AP Language and Composition Course Syllabus Course Overview This course provides students with a first year college level experience; its overview and objectives are abstracted from the College Board’s AP English Course Description. The course is organized thematically to explore the theme of Human Struggles. Text elections include nonfiction, such as memoirs, journals, essays, speeches, and editorials; poems; songs; short stories; plays; and novels. Investigation of visual composition, i.e. videos, art, and comics, will complement the study of print text. Students will write daily, composing many formal and informal texts. Students will reflect upon, analyze, and synthesize literature, discussion, and visual rhetoric within their…show more content…
Scott Momaday Essay: “On Being Black and Middle Class” – Shelby Steele Essay: “A Room of One’s Own” – Virginia Woolf Culminating activity: Synthesis essay using minimum of three sources Students develop the concept of searching for identity into inferential and application questions based on the knowledge they’ve acquired and assimilate the material with their prior information and knowledge to answer a fundamental question: Why is identity important? Students will develop a thesis and use three or more sources coupled with personal text/reflection to inform and persuade the reader as to why the human need or instinct to develop one’s personal identity exists. Unit 4: Struggle for Integrity Anchor Text: The Glass Castle – Jeannette Walls Formal essay: Incorporating transitions into writing The focus on this paper will be effectively incorporating transitions into the paper. Using a transitions sheet, students are responsible for 15 unique usages of transitional words within your story. The word must be used as a transition, and serve the purpose of a…show more content…
Peer editing ensues, including a feedback sheet tailored specifically for the assignment for students to fill out for the author’s benefit, leading to a revised typed final draft. The teacher is available throughout the process for further personal consultation. Essay, Poem, and Visual Text analysis Students read many brief essays and shorter pieces of writing in this course. Poems are included to detect and measure style, tone, and meaning. Visual text is included in the form of editorial cartoons and photos as well. In each case, the intent is to have students explore the deeper meanings of the words or images to form conclusions or connections with course themes, current issues, or other assignments by understanding an author’s purpose, intention, and audience. Students write short responses such as rhetorical précis, have guided classroom discussion, or work in partners or in small groups with guided questions from the teacher to stimulate their interaction.

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