Constructing Explanations and Using Mathematics, Information, and Computer Technology

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A. Reflect on the important scientific practices of (1) Constructing Explanations and (2) Using Mathematics, Information and Computer Technology, and Computational Thinking by doing the following: 1. Define each of the two scientific practices. 2. Discuss specific examples of how you used each of these two scientific practices during the laboratory activities. 3. Explain two classroom activities, one for each of the two scientific practices, which could be used in your own classroom to emphasize the importance of each practice. B. When you use sources, include all in-text citations and references in APA format. There are several scientific practices that need to be observed when working in a laboratory setting. First a student must be able to construct explanations, and secondly they must be able to utilize critical thinking skills through the use of mathematics, information and computer technology and computational thinking. As an effective teacher one must be able to communicate the value of these skills to their students and show the value of being thorough with both of these steps. When teaching a student about constructing explanations it is important to understand what the purpose of the explanation is trying to say; being thorough is going to be the best option as the more details that are available the more likely the person reviewing the experiment will understand what was trying to be done. The use of computational thinking requires a student to be logical, this is required to be able to solve problems that are more complicated, it involves many aspects such as mathematics (to solve equations), gathering information from many sources; it also requires that the student be able to understand how to gather information from different sources such as the internet or different scientific books (which can be accessed in many locations
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