Impact of Technologies on Roman Han Dyasties Essay

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Technology is the building block of any society: it allows for new advancements to be made that improve daily life. Two such societies that made advancements in technology included the Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire. As the expansion of the empire increased, the Romans built roads that linked these regions together. These roads were built in such a way that allowed for easier travel: roads were paved and allowed for water to run off. In addition, the empire also developed the transportation of water throughout the city through the construction of aqueducts, which were canals. Likewise, the Han Dynasty made advancements in the distribution of water: there were water ways, canals, and pools that were inspected by hydraulic engineers. Water was also used to power a blowing-engine. Because of the advancements that were made, the Han Dynasty is regarded by historians as the “Golden Age.” Similarly, the Romans created a large empire that stretched from Europe to the Middle East. Because of the vastness of both empires, water and technology were heavily relied upon, yet unlike the Han officials, the upper-class Romans had a negative attitude towards technology. Some officials in both the Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire had a positive attitude towards technology (2, 3, 6). In document two, written by Haun Gaun (a government official); the author spoke highly of the tools constructed by workers: they were of “excellent quality.” However, he continues on to say that, “Today the iron tools that workers are required to use…are often crude and not very functional.” He critizes the government for providing workers with “hard and brittle” tools. Because salt and iron are sold at extremely high prices, many peasant farmers are unable to buy proper tools and cannot afford to buy salt. He challenges the government to improve the quality of the tools, which will

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