Han China and Rome

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History Essay In Han China and the Romans, both have different attitudes towards technology. Some people were happy to have technology, while others weren’t looking forward to working with tools, but despite their complaints, the Hans and the Romans people still view differently at how the technology affects their life. Some view technology as a tool to use people to get what the government want, some viewed technology as beneficial, while others wanted to help make labor easier on people. In documents 2 and 5, people were used to achieve what the government wanted. Cicero, an upper-class Roman political leader said that “vulgar and unbecoming to a gentleman”, (Doc 5) is what men are turning into. They’re not purchased because of their skills for work; they’re purchased because of “labor” (Doc 5). Huan Guan, a Han government official of the discourses on salt and iron states that “workers” (Doc 2) are required to get what the government wants through “convict labor” (Doc 2). Government aren’t “available to take complaints” (Doc 2) about the tools being “crude and not very functional” (Doc 2). In documents 1, 7 and 8, the people use their technology to help the city. In document 1, the government official “requests” (Doc 1) that there are to be people who are experienced in working with water to work with the people. They want “high official and one deputy” with workers to “meet the need” (Doc 1) to help repair in each district. Document 7 things tools were “invented by wise men” (Doc 7) and it didn’t matter if they were dumb or smart. In document 8 “aqueducts” (Doc 8) gives an abundance amount of water not just for “public and private” (Doc 8) use but because they have a lot to spare. It’s also not just for the city, it’s for places across different places that are near the city of Rome. In documents 3, 4 and 6, the upper-class talks about the

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