Roman Technology and Engineering

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Running head: ROMAN TECHNOLOGY AND ENGINEERING ! PAGE 1 ROMAN TECHNOLOGY AND ENGINEERING HIS 103 World Civilizations I Running head: ROMAN TECHNOLOGY AND ENGINEERING ! PAGE 2 ROMAN TECHNOLOGY AND ENGINEERING ! In this assignment we had to describe the importance of Roman technology and engineering and how it made the giant cities livable. For nearly four hundred years, the Roman Empire dominated the western world. Many characteristics made it possible to achieve feats that seemed impossible. Engineering and technology were the key components to the development and great empire, which produced remarkable structures and designs that are in the present world today. ! The people in Ancient Rome put their knowledge to work to build aqueducts to fix their major problem of water so they can devote their time to building other impressive things like the Colosseum, the Amphitheater, and bridges. To build these magnificent structures, the Romans needed things to build them with. Within time the Romans figured out how to make powerful machines, such as, cranes, water mills, grain mills, and water pumps. The Romans were very good at improving their designs as well, even their general design is still being used today. They used their technology to help them with water access, construction, and mining. For mining the Romans were using wooden hammers and upgraded to iron pick axes to mine for iron and other materials. ! The Romans built most of their tools out of stone, but their main tools were ropes, pulleys, and winches. The ropes were made to be either tight or elastic. The tight ropes were used for binding and pulling as the elastic ones were used to fire the big catapults. The pulleys were used with ropes to lift and lower things with great force. The winches were similar to pulleys, but were used to apply force sideways. The Romans also used many

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