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ROMAN ARCHITECTURE My fascination with Roman architecture begins with the Romans ability to achieve such greatness and sustainability within their work without the means that we have in our design world today such as industrial machinery and Technology. The work of the Romans is design ingenuity. They were able to create such huge rooms with such high ceilings, as well as so many different aspects within one building, for example the Colosseum. Within this building Romans played many types of games and held shows including beast hunts and gladiator combats. Oval in shape, it had incredible interconnecting corridors that would lead to six tiers of seats, thus allowing a huge audience to sit within its walls. One can only imagine the atmosphere and acoustics within such a place in its time. It is believed by many researchers that Roman design was based on Greek precedent, in my opinion Roman and Greek architecture appear to stand together in many aspects of their designs, yet the Romans seem to have been able to take everything one step further in order to ‘outdo’ the Greeks, for example-they recreated the use of mortar within buildings by using concrete, as well as stone and brick. Roman architecture was founded upon many new structural techniques. Both the column and the arch had been seen before, but the Romans based their work on the arch and its structural principles which had not been done previously. They used arches both for their immense support capabilities but also for their power to glorify and amaze. They then used three types of columns; the Doric Style, to hold up huge and heavy buildings. The Ionic Style was the second type of column. Used for the same purpose as the Doric style although more graceful and not so imposing with its slender shaft. The last column was the Corinthian column, it had a greater refinement and

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