The Development Of Western Civilization: Benefici

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The Western Civilization in its more strictly defined spheres traces its roots to Classical Greece, the Roman Empire, Ancient Israel, and the Germanic, Celtic, and Slavic cultures. The question remains whether the development of this civilization was beneficial or not to the growth of other cultures. No change is without detriment, but it is my opinion that the development of the Western Civilization was beneficial to other cultures, and in the following paragraphs I will support my belief. Every advance, difference, or extension of an idea comes from somewhere else. As is the case for most modern day scientific advances, as they found their beginning in Egypt and Mesopotamia over five thousand years ago. The remains of palaces and the pyramids show the engineering skills of these ancients. Besides these engineering skills, Egyptians devised ways of measurement which allowed each Egyptian to get his own land back following the seasonal flooding of the Nile River. The early Egyptians also had a good working knowledge of chemistry which was exhibited as they prepared metals, made wine, paints, perfumes, and cosmetics. Also, the ancient Greeks were credited with many developments that have led to modern day sciences. The deductive reasoning formula they developed proved particularly useful in the later development of the scientific method. The Socratic Method and the idea of Forms led to great advances in Geometry, logic, and natural sciences. Modern day scientific vocabulary and style are directly derived from translations of past scientific writings. Tia 2 During the development of Western Civilization religion was basically polytheistic, the worship of more than one god.

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