Ancient Civilization Achievements

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Throughout the years, civilizations have dramatically increased standards of living through their achievements. They have developed in their technology and their way of life has advanced. Egypt, The Indus, and Greece are some examples. These civilizations have contributed: Pyramids, toys, Olympics, and many more. Over the past years, Egypt developed drastically through their achievements. Egyptians believed kings ruled after death. They built pyramids as a resting place for an Egyptian king. The Egyptians also developed a writing system that could still be understood today, Hieroglyphics. They used Hieroglyphics to represent ideas and sounds. The Egyptians also invented papyrus. Papyrus was used for writing. Before papyrus the Egyptians had to write on a hard tables. Papyrus made it easier for the Egyptians to write. As the Egyptian civilization grew, their way of life expanded based on their achievements. Like Egypt, the Indus River Valley was another great civilization. In the Indus River Valley they found artifacts such as clay, wooden children’s toys, pottery, small statues, and seals used to mark trade items. One of their most remarkable achievements was their city planning. The Indus, unlike Mesopotamia, laid out their cities on a grid system. Also, another great achievement was their plumbing system. Only rich people had separate bathrooms, so the people in the Indus built modern looking plumbing systems. The plumbing system was such a big achievement for the people of the Indus, because it was more sanitary. So because of the plumbing system, the Indus was one of the most advanced civilization in their time. Greece was also a great civilization. The Greeks created myths or traditional stories about their gods. Most, if not all, of the characters were men. Since the plays were such

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