Roman Engineering Essay

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The Roman Empire was a very intelligent civilization that was responsible for many astounding creations that put their engineering skills to the test. The Roman civilization built many massive buildings, canals, and even entertainment centers, and many of them are still standing today. Two of the most amazing objects that the Romans created were the waterway systems, called aqueducts, and the Roman Coliseum. Both of these amazing and absolutely massive creations are still standing today. One of the biggest engineering feats that the Romans created was their miraculous Aqueducts. They created a ways for the Roman civilization to be able to have running water, sewer and indoor plumbing in the city of Rome. The sewer was especially important because it was able to carry the diseases away from the empire. Some of these amazing systems are actually still standing today, and even being used almost 2000 years later. The aqueducts were made using stone, bricks, and volcanic cement pozzuolana, a siliceous material almost like glue. (Heaton, 2010) The canals were dug underground, bored through rock, and spanned across valleys to create the system. The system was believed to be 260 miles long, but only 30 miles of the system are visible. These visible parts of the system are beautiful mammoth arches holding up the water way high above the ground of the valley in spanned. The system was designed to use gravity to allow the water to flow to valleys and cities where the water was needed. When the water reached Rome it was channeled into enormous cisterns on high ground. These large cisterns were connected to the city by lead pipes which in turn ran to the houses of the city. The aqueduct system, which the Roman civilization created, was a technology that they had picked up from the ancient Greeks. The Greeks actually had clay piped plumbing systems before the Romans had lead

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