Immigrats Culture Essay

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Due to the economic crisis that the entire world is going through, many people from small countries are immigrating to big countries like United States and Canada where they might have a better future. Being an immigrant is very hard because of the multicultural shock that immigrants might experiment during the first years. Many of them choose to forget their origins and try to assimilate a completely new and unknown culture while others choose to keep their culture and try to avoid direct contact with new culture. Sometimes this decision depends on the kind of person we would be dealing with. Some people better keep their culture and others should try to form part of a new culture and forget about his origins. I believe that everyone should try to assimilate good things about a new culture but never forget where they are from and where they grew up. Immigrants should not forget where they are from because it can be too hard to feel lonely in a new country. Immigrants face the most challenging situation in the world; being lonely in a new and unknown country. If immigrants try to actually be part of a new country, they sometimes forget about where they were born and where they grew up. When they get depressed or have any trouble it is very helpful to have someone, from their native country, to call. Also, having some good remembers is really good in order to avoid or overcome a depression caused by being lonely. Also there is a fact that immigrants that try to become a new member of a new culture will never be able to change and that is where they were born, or in other words their native country. Trying to completely assimilate an unknown culture might be very risky for some reasons. Many immigrants might experience a great loss of self-steam because they face the reality; they cannot join a culture like if they were born inside that culture. Also in the process
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