Fight for our National Language

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The Fight For Our National Language It is almost normal today to see directions, instructions, and signs printed in English and Spanish, and even sometimes French. Today, when one wants to buy an American flag, they will now find on the front of the package “U.S. Flag,” and “Bandera de EE. UU.” written on the back of the package. This is becoming a problem across America, it is showing immigrants and foreigners that it is alright to speak their own language and not worrying about learning English. When entering a foreign country, it is often hard to understand one word said due to the fact that they most likely speak another language, and often there are not signs in English. Therefore it makes sense to learn that country’s language to get by and survive there, depending on how long the stay is. With making English our national language, it would make all foreigners realize that they should not be lazy, and actually try to learn some or a lot of the English language. Foreigners who enter America’s borders do not know much or any English at all. Most of these foreigners that enter America do not worry about learning English. Some even begin to live the American lifestyle and may even start a new life in the United States. This creates a problem, not only are people speaking English, but they are speaking Spanish, French, Latin and other languages. The United States of America “has probably been host to more bilingual people than any other country in the world,” all because America does not have a declared national language (Hakuta 166). Americans, permanent residents, and foreigners who reside in America would not have to worry about learning so many other languages if the national language was English. Only one language would need to be learned and it would be spoken across the whole country. America is one of the countries that does not have a

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