The Pros And Cons Of Illegal Immigrants

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Why say yes to illegal immigrants? America is best known as the country that gives everyone an opportunity and the place that offers many individuals the American dream . That is why United states is also best known as the melting pot where you can find people of diverse races due to the constant flow immigrants that come into the country. Many hope to have a chance live the American dream which is why they decide to immigrate to the country whether its legally or illegally like many do. Whether illegal aliens should be deported or given a chance to stay in the U.S is something that individuals cant seem to agree on .Many people argue that illegal immigrants should be deported back to their homeland while others believe they should be able to remain in the country. Illegal…show more content…
Due to the fact that illegal immigrants don’t have a legal status in the country, their options of jobs aren’t much they have to settle for low paying jobs that others with a legal status wouldn’t do(Medrano). According to Lourdes Medrano in 2004 the movie “A day without a Mexican” made many people to their eyes of how effected the country would be if the people who performed all the farm work in out in the fields in the scorching sun would not return. Not only would it affect the employers who day after day relay on their work but it will effect the economy as the agricultural industry would decrease. After all , each individual is going to have their own opinion on whether illegal immigrants should be able to remain in the country or deported. While some argue that they should be deported others believe they shouldn’t. illegal immigrants that are already in the country should be granted the right to stay because they deserve a chance to live the American dream, if they are sent back families will be separated and they do the jobs citizens with a legal status
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