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2007 AP English Language and Composition Immigrants usually move in order to have a better life. Many come for economic and social reasons or just to get a fresh new beginning in life in a new place. Scott Russell Sanders author of Staying Put: Making a Home in a restless World responds to Salman Rushdie for the effects of mass migrations that changes human beings. Sanders writes how about immigrants moving to different places for their own benefit. Salman Rushdie left India for England because of the war that was going on between Pakistan and India being a Muslim he did not want to pick side in which he migrated to England. People have move to experience something different. Sanders states that when moving there is a “ transformation that comes of new and unexpected combinations of human beings” ( Sanders 28-29). When moving people change their way of life because in a place…show more content…
A migrant moves to another region because of opportunities, or other personal reasons. During the 1800’s more and more Irish immigrants arrive at America because of the Irish Potato Famine that occur, many people did not have food to eat and starve to death and many migrate because of the breakout that was happening with the potatoes. Rushdie migrant to England for a better time because of everything that was taking place in India, he did not want to live in a place where he had to pick sides because his loyalty was to both India and Pakistan. Immigrants often hope for a better life than where they came from. In conclusion Sanders perspective about moving is that migrants have a good opportunities for making a good home for themselves. Also just because you migrant to a different place do not expect for everything to be all right because there can be different issues happening in that region. Moving can transform individuals such as changing values and trying to assimilate to society. All in all, this is Sanders perspective about

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