Immigration To California Essay

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MIGRATION! What is Migration? Migration is the movement of people from one place in the world to another for the purpose of taking up permanent or semi-permanent residence. “An example of semi-permanent residence would be the seasonal migrant farm laborers “ People can choose to move that is voluntary migration or be forced to move that is forced / involuntary migration. Voluntary migration includes: * Employment * Pioneers developing new areas * Trade and economic expansion * Territorial expansion etc (the pull factors) Forced Migration includes: * Religious / political persecutions * Wars * Forced labour * Racial discrimination * Lack of food etc (the push factors) Types of migration…show more content…
Their presence created problems because they competed with local job seekers and were prepared to work long hours and for less pay and they send the money they earn out of the country so its lost to the British economy. Case Study Immigrants into California California was sparsely populated by the Native Americans by the mid-nineteenth century. Since then many immigrants have settled in California. Mexican workers Hispanics have formed the fastest-growing ethnic groups in the USA. Mexico has a poor standard of living and lack of jobs due to that Mexicans (most living in villages)migrate to USA (often temporary).Sometime only the men migrated and returned when they get enough money but now the stay they permanently or bring their families along. Migrants – illegal and legal Between 1 and 2 million Mexicans try to get into USA illegally but are stopped by USA’s border security controls. Some Mexicans keep trying to get in until they are successful. The Legal migrants are issued a “Green card” by Immigration. Jobs taking by migrant workers Mexican workers are essential to the nation’s economy. The migrants take the most inconvenient jobs
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