How To Write An Argumentative Essay On Illegal Immigration

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Tim Wright Mr. Brooks H-English 5/9/12 *Note: All comments in parenthesis are strictly for humor purposes and have no bearing on how I feel. Just kidding, I put them there because it’s what everyone’s thinking; it’s just that no one actually says it. So I did (and took a risk with my grade while doing so). Enjoy. :D Illegal Immigration The population of the United States is roughly 300 million people; of those people, 11.2 million are illegal. Illegal immigrants (mostly Mexicans) bring with them crime, drugs, and cost the American government billions of dollars yearly. This can greatly decrease the value of a country’s economy. Legal immigrants are a key step to help any nation’s economy thrive and grow (mostly the white ones), but illegal immigrants hinder and dismantle it (mostly the black, brown, and yellow ones). Most illegal immigrants that cross into the U.S. come from Mexico (shocker). This is because of the job opportunities that are…show more content…
America’s primary goal is national security and when thousands of illegal immigrants travel into the U.S. each year, any one of those illegal immigrants could have plans to wreak havoc on this country. Gang members could be affiliated with terrorist groups who have ill-intentions for America, jeopardizing public safety (I’d rather my pink Caddy not have bullet holes in it). Along with the violence, illegal immigrants take jobs away from legal residence (right about here is where I ran out of stuff to say so I B.S.-ed it to make it longer, just bein’ honest). It’s proven that illegal immigrants are more likely to do lower paying jobs that involve more labor than legal Americans, but in the long run those jobs would be filled by previously un-employed citizens. This would strengthen America’s economy in the long run and reduce how much the government pays out to

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