Latinos in America (Racism)

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Latinos Facing Racism In the United States, all minorities can claim some sort of label or term associated with their ethnic backgrounds, primarily depicting either the country from which they immigrated from (Irish, Arabs, Italians, and Pollock). They are usually used for negative connotations in ways that make fun of certain foods or practices to scare away or abuse minorities. One example of this would be how Hispanics are often called “Beaners” or “Burritos” due to their ethnic foods eaten.. Typically the crueler name calling, or slander, makes fun of either popular stereotypes like income for certain groups or their physical features that common people typically all share. African Americans are often called Negro, meaning black, as a negative term to show disrespect. These terms stem from a time when minorities had a significantly smaller role in the economy, as well as a muted voice as far as opinions went. Most of the slandering was done to keep the minorities unequal to the white man, who was often the wealthy, successful owner of businesses or elected positions. Most of today’s stereotypes thrive in areas where hardships come easier than prosperity. Everyone wants someone to point the finger towards. For instance, currently the United States is facing a large number of unemployed citizens. Those without jobs might put blame on the socio-economic struggle on immigrants and aliens, who just happen to be Hispanic. The main reasons for this particular group receiving so much hate falls on two concerns. The first, there are large groups of illegal South Americans coming through the Mexican border annually, who potentially take jobs from native white Americans who remain jobless. The second large factor is that Hispanics typically live in large numbers in cities throughout the U.S., so when poverty strikes an area, in the eyes of the prejudice, the

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