Illegal Immigration Letter

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Yassmeen Youssef Ms.Abayhan Writing 7 M 20 March 2013 Dear Editor: America was created to represent a country that gives everyone a second chance, a chance that exiles from other countries take advantage of. The poor, tired, and homeless come to America in hopes of having a better life. Some come to America illegally by crossing treacherous borders, while others chose to apply for legalization by waiting their turn. I believe that we should open the borders to America. For instance, illegal immigrants who don’t usually bring their children with them, and would normally have their children enrolled in American schools still pay education taxes, this keeps the economy going. Also, these immigrants fill low wage jobs. Another problem that…show more content…
That would be a false accusation. Illegal immigrants usually don’t get an education any higher than the 2nd grade so they don’t have any job skills. So the improvise and take up jobs such as waitressing, migrant working, cashiers and housekeeping. They accept low-wage job, back-breaking work that Americans don’t like to take because of all the work that the jobs require you to do. If all the illegal immigrants were to be shipped back to their home country most places in America would be left with no employees and a lot of businesses would close. So, illegal immigrants are technically holding up America’s economy. From my perspective another problem that develops is that one of a veil of prejudice. Immigrants who have been here a long time seem to forget about the obstacles and bigotry they faced when they came. Now, the new immigrants must face the same prejudice that the former immigrants faced. At one point in history 93% of American citizens today had ancestors that migrate to America. Most Americans are immigrants, and just because their ancestors came before someone else’s to America doesn’t make them superior. You don’t have to be a certain, culture, heredity, or color to be an
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