Corporate Sponsorships Persuasive Essay

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SCHOLARS ACADEMY AMANDA RAVELLO 2/18/12 A.P. ENGLISH For years corporations have sponsored high school sports. In the appropriate time and place corporate sponsorships can be exceptional and maybe even beneficial. This prompt speaks of corporate sponsorships in schools and examples of how corporations go about their advertising. Many have argued that schools should provide an environment free from ads and corporate influence. But others argue that corporate sponsorships are a necessity for “cash strapped schools.” Budget cuts are attacking schools all over the nation, so it's nice to see that corporations are helping to keep sports programs running. it can also be a way of showing community togetherness, like if it's a local business or corporation throwing support. Public schools need to be run by a business and obtaining corporate sponsors would be a great way to bring money into the schools. The problem is that the funding is low due to all the spending the government does and in the end limits money for education. This is a fantastic way for corporations to do something positive in communities. And it can also be an investment in the companies futures to sponsor schools. It is in their best interest to ensure that all kids in this country receive a quality education. It also helps the schools make ends meet. This is a win, win situation. Of course, however, there will need to be ground rules. The corporations sponsoring this way should have no power to effect changes in curriculum or policy. An example found online shows that Pepsi regularly pays for scoreboards at high school football fields so long as their logo stays on the display. Schools get nice things and the company gets a little credit. However, it would matter what the product was. My opponent says that schools should provide an environment free from cads and corporate influence.
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