Ihh Managing Information Systems

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Question 1 Why is IHH considered to be a digital enterprise? A digital enterprise is an organisation that uses technology as a competitive advantage in its internal and external operations. (Rouse, 2011) Indiana Heart Hospital (IHH) is undoubtedly a digital enterprise as its strategy is fundamentally based on the increase of productivity and efficiency through the use of a well developed information technology system. IHH interact with their patients in a highly effective manner as it only takes 15 seconds from they arrive, to retrieve the stored medical history from the hospital database. The use of technology via wireless tablets allow the doctors to not only consult with each other and make quicker joint decisions, but also allows them to locate experts quickly from areas outside the hospital. The digitisation of the hospital provides a faster diagnosis, dispersion of medicine and the general administration on a daily basis. Technology is a vital aspect of every treatment process from the patient arrives, until they are discharged. Question 2 A major environmental pressure in health care is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1990 regulatory requirements. In what ways can a digital hospital help with compliance? Question 3 Relate this case to the concept of the 'Digital Society'. “A Digital Society is a modern, progressive society that is formed as a result of the adoption and integration of Information and Communication Technologies at home, work, education and recreation.” (Ita.gov.om, 2013) The Indiana Heart Hospital (IHH) is part of the modern day ‘digital society’ which allows doctors and nurses to work on the go or even when at home. The ‘digital society’ is allowing the world to move more efficiently due to the ways in which businesses need to function to have an edge on their competitors. In the IHH they
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