Hca 250 Change And Innovation Research Paper

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HCA 250 | Change and Innovation | By: Roger Hart | Instructor: Carolyn Hart | University of Phoenix | 10/30/2011 | At times change can be a scary thing, special when you have an office filled with employees who have been used to doing things one way for so long that the thought of having to learn something new is more of a frustration more than anything else. I have planned an office meeting with my employees to explain the (EMR) electronic medical record computerized style and why it is so important to change to this form from the old way, because now we can store, retrieve and modify patients records and share them all over the world to other doctors and specialist by a click of a button. By allowing the employees…show more content…
Team work is what this is all about, we are all going to have to learn the new system and get readjusted to doing something new, but I am hoping that this will make the employees more enthused and eager to do their work and learn new things at the same time. I will makes sure that every employee get the proper training with the new system so everyone will be comfortable and knowledgeable to help lessen the stress as well with the change. A lot of times employees resist change because they are so set in their ways the thought of having to learn something new may seem more of a headache then a helpful tool, some are just afraid of change and other employees just feel that they were hired to do a job so no matter the change they will comply and do whatever it takes to become a better employee.. Because changes are linked to all areas of resources human resources I will make sure that they aide in the change within the company by (http://humanresources.about.com) “ accessing information about group facilitation, culture…show more content…
2000 Mar-Apr ;) “A leader knows how to manage the organizational impact of information systems can sharply reduce the behavioral resistance to change, including to new technology, to achieve a more rapid and productive introduction of information technology.” By changing our company with this new technology we also open up doors to more accounts and even gain access to help our patients and doctors communicate and help patients get the best possible advice and medical help they can get. Employees are the ones who are the back bone of the company and keeping them happy is one of my goals. I hope that they will see by changing to the (EMR) that their jobs will become so much easier and effective in so many different

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