Summary: Future Trends And Effects Of EHR

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Future Trends and Effects of EHR Angelene Sears HCIS/265 September 28, 2014 Lucinda Shipley Future Trends and Effects of EHR Electronic health records are enhancing patient overall health care across the country today. We have a system that allows doctors, hospitals, and all health care providers to communicate securely and warehouse patient records. So if you’re at home or in another state, get ill or wounded, the information about your medical state is available to medical providers attending you. Hospitals and physician that utilize digital systems see many benefits of EHR’s over paper records, and this exchange of health information means providing better quality of patient care. New technologies are continuously in advancement…show more content…
Electronic Health Records have altered the workflow of a clinician’s office, turning into the new “desktop” for health care contributors and administrators equally. Electronic Health Records can reinforce patient care, and can also provide a mixture of irritation and productivity to office administration. These methods have influenced the custom of medicine today and are about to enlarge that influence by way of utilizing new methods of patient care through EHR patient portals. The EHR patient portal, routing communication among health care provider’s and their patient’s, is rising quickly. The performance of a portal concentrate on administrative data exchange like appointment request or reminders provides an increase in office productivity and staff workflow. Technology has come a long way especially in the health care field. Utilizing electronic health record patient portals has a genuine influence on reducing the cost of health care while allowing patients to become more involved in their overall health. ( EHR…show more content…
American consumers have been indecisive about implementing the electronic admittance to health information. But a 2012 research study indicated 62% of physicians are previously using some sort of tablet device for professional intent; 94% of consumers valued easy admittance to his or her medical records as crucial or very crucial; 75% of patients preferred their physician to make available on-line services, and those totals will double in the years to come. Some consumers reported that the effective services of a physician could be hard to do without a patient portal. (Patel, 2012) Patient portals must allocate secure HIPAA compliant, two-way communication between providers and patients, to sustain privacy and security standards. Many consumers have reported meaningful acceptance of their patient portal. Consumers agree, without effective patient use of the portal, the increase in productivity will become absent for the provider. Health care organization have consummated that it is a continuing effort and a well-described digital plan to involve patients in a portal. (Woodcock,

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