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Health Connect Technology Jatin Singh NTC/361 Larry Schreider 2/2/2015 Word Count: 374 The work experience gained from Kaiser Permanente has familiarized me with the new technology system, which is currently at a greater success. This new technology is known as Health Connect, which enables care improvement and Transformation. It is the largest private electronic health record system in the world. Kaiser Permanente conducts studies using data from the all-electronic health record that would be more expensive and time consuming in a paper-based system. The new health connect system helps to improve clinical outcomes at Kaiser Permanente through seamless care coordination, providing access to patients’ records for all their doctors, pharmacists and specialists (Kaiser Permanente,…show more content…
In health connect, information is surrounded by an entire electronic medical library with a whole set of care support tools, connecting members, physicians, and authorized care providers to vital information 24 hours a day, seven days a week (Kaiser Permanente, 2013). Health connect system benefits our members and care teams alike by enhancing patient safety and ensuring the security of protected information. In addition to security, the ability to do e-visits and e-follow-ups and to send out lab results electronically adds up to better and more convenient care every day (Kaiser Permanente, 2013). Health connect has enabled us to generate comprehensive and accurate research faster than ever before. Data gathered through the system allows us to assess and track the cost and value of our care—helping us reduce disparities and improve health outcomes for entire populations (Kaiser Permanente,

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