Signature Assignment: Strategic Planning In Health Care Organizations

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Signature Assignment Part 1 Mary K. Kiilu HA 5540 STRATEGIC PLANNING IN HEALTH CARE ORGANIZATIONS West Coast University Professor Dr. Ron J. Macias Ed. D, MHA, BS/HCM March 30, 2018 Executive Summary The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMMS) defined Assisted Living Facility (ALF), as “a type of living arrangement in which personal care services such as meals, housekeeping, transportation, and assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) are available as needed to people who still live on their own in a residential facility” (2015, p. 2). State law requires that ALFs ensure features such as housekeeping and laundry, health-related services, transportation, meals, 24-hour staff to deliver scheduled and urgent…show more content…
Senior citizens are increasingly looking for facilities that can offer the ability to remain as independent as possible, yet, be able to provide the level of care that is needed. They understand that having interests and keeping active helps promote a longer, healthier lifestyle. Providers are adding wellness centers to their facility designs to help invigorate residents, get them involved in healthy activities, and help them stay lively (Levin Associates, 2013) Health Trends. Due to retirement portfolios decreasing in value with the recession, seniors are waiting longer to move into assisted living facilities. This means they are unwell and require more care ("Assisted Living," 2013). Aging in place services is most likely the trend we will continue to see. Aging in place allows a resident to live out the rest of their life in one setting rather than moving to a higher level of care when they become sicker. A few of the specific health trends that are emerging are memory deficits and chronic high blood pressure (Sharpp, Kayser, & Young,…show more content…
Namely, its CEO is a registered nurse and has a wide health care experience. She also has management and business leadership experience in a large corporation. MANC has a convenient location targeting populations across several states. It has established relationships with physicians. Opportunities In view of the listed factors, the new MANC facility can add to the growing population of the region, including the improvement of the economy, by creating employment for those interested in the human services field, improving the availability of facilities within the community, and also building upon the strengths of the area such the demographic trend of a growing older adult population, the climate, the location of the facility, and the quality of services being offered in comparison to competitors within the same

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