Clinical Decision Support Essay

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Clinical Decision Support GS Western Governor’s University 3/01/2012 Clinical Decision Support (CDS) is a variety of tools based on logic and research based scientific evidence that provides clinical decision-making support to clinicians and others providing care for patients. CDS is an intelligent filtered workflow that provides recommendations or specific criteria to be followed in order to provide the appropriate treatment or testing at the appropriate time. CDS provided many benefits, including but not limited to improved quality of care, reduced errors, improved efficiency, cost reduction, improved patient and provider satisfaction, and better outcomes. Enhanced decision-making by Health Information Technology tools provide alerts and reminders to clinicians and patients; contextual clinical guidelines and condition/patient specific order set; diagnostic relevancy and appropriateness criteria; patient focused data reports, summaries, and documentation templates, among other such criterion. CDS can operate as a stand-alone system, or incorporate seamlessly into an Electronic Health Record. Due to the overwhelming amount of information, technological changes, and research based changes to recommendations available, clinicians are compelled to seek out consultation for appropriate recourse during the management of the care of their patients. CDS can provide an automated mechanism to such support. Clinical decision support strengthens the use of other healthcare IT such as EHRs, e-prescription, Computerized Physician Order Entry (cPOE), and medication reconciliation, and causes synergy between those systems to help providers reach the proper diagnosis and treatment of their patients. The article "Information in practice", is a systematic review of trials used to identify features critical to the success of implementing clinical decision-support software.
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